Here’s Why Natural Gas Fracking is Dumb

Hey, I’ve got nothing against natural gas. It burns clean with a pretty blue light.

But fracking to get more of it out of the ground is just dumb.

Fracking is a last-ditch Ponzi scheme, a desperate effort to scrape the bottom of the fossil fuel barrel.

It wouldn’t matter if fracking was less environmentally damaging; it would still be a convoluted way to painfully gather ancient stored sunlight, so that it can be shipped thousands of miles, thrown into a fire, to boil water, to spin a turbine, to generate electricity, to ship out again over wires, to finally deliver you the electricity services you so richly deserve. (After many transmission losses & inefficiencies).

Fracking won’t amount to much in the long run because of the following equations:

FRACKING: Rising demand + falling supply = prices rise  

SOLAR & WIND: Rising demand + infinite supply = prices fall 

Consumer aren’t stupid. They’ll switch to the cheaper and better alternatives.

And before you argue that solar + wind aren’t as good as CONG (coal oil nuclear gas) think about this: all the electricity services you enjoy from fossil fuels today basically require you to light a fire to boil water. 

The magic of solar is that you can skip the boiling water step entirely.

Fracking is controversial because people innately grasp that it’s dumb.

It’s a last ditch effort to avoid the “stranded investment” problem of the massive, $Trillion dollar fossil-fuel infrastructure. Pipes, trucks, drill rigs, and the like to pump and process the last hours of ancient sunlight.

They want to “drill to the last drop” because there’s money in it, and the un-factored economic costs are currently being ignored by a duped civil society (but not for much longer, I think. The Carbon Bubble is beginning to become well-known as more and more savvy investors divest.)

Eventually we’ll wake up to the fact that this is an antiquated source of energy (requiring lengthy, expensive processing, shipping, burning, etc) and realize that we can cut out all that crap by just pointing 10 million solar panels at the sky.

If the United States went 100% solar it would create 10 million jobs. Even if that industry displaced all the jobs in the Fossil Fuel industry (an impossible scenario, btw), we’d have a net gain of +7 Million jobs.

Humans aren’t that dumb. We are going to realize there is a cheaper way. We are going to drill up.


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