Some large companies are starting to add a rail-less mounting system.  This creates a “skirt” at the bottom of the PV array. This is being sold as a sleeker, more aesthetic option.  Whatever you think of how it looks, you should be aware of how it performs: one of the reasons solar is great is that it […]

Hey, I’ve got nothing against natural gas. It burns clean with a pretty blue light. But fracking to get more of it out of the ground is just dumb. Fracking is a last-ditch Ponzi scheme, a desperate effort to scrape the bottom of the fossil fuel barrel. It wouldn’t matter if fracking was less environmentally […]

Many people believe the future of home-energy storage and freedom from the grid is in high-tech batteries. I disagree.

Myth #1: Solar is too expensive If you make between $40k and $90k per year, you can afford solar. Buying an average-size system costs about as much as a car purchase ($12 – $35k) and if you don’t need to own the thing, you can put a few grand down (or nothing down) and lease […]

To answer this question, we’ll look at utilities, homeowners, solar companies, and regulators as the stakeholders, and try to answer the question: what happens when solar drops to (or below) the cost of power from the local power grid (called “grid parity”) as it already has in Hawaii, California, parts of Canada, and India? UTILITIES  The […]

How do you pick any other home improvement contractor?  Answer: very carefully.  Of course you’re going to do some research before talking to the company; of course you’re going to do your best to educate yourself on the different financial options (lease vs. own vs. power-purchase-agreement vs. power-service-agreement), but the reality is, the contracts for […]